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What if 21 days from now, you could be buzzing with copious amounts of energy, practically glowing from the inside out + feeling more alive + confident than you have in weeks, months or even years?

Increase Your Energy, Improve Your Health & Feel Better Than You Have in Weeks, Months or Even Years!

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I know how it is. You feel like you’re almost there..you’re almost “healthy.” You’ve got your exercise routine on lock, but for some reason, when it comes to healthy eating, you just can’t get it "right."

You just can’t get a handle on the whole nutrition thing...and it’s driving you crazy.

The worst part is you’re successful in every other area of your life. You’ve got the “beautiful home” thing, you have a super happy family life and your career is on fire. You’ve been able to create success everywhere else….except when it comes to your diet.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if your body just had a “Reset” button? One you could push to feel instantly lighter, healthier + wildly alive? One that would just erase all the damage you’ve done by eating crappy foods week after week.

I’ve got a secret for you You do.

Now, before I tell you more about my juicy little secret...let me just say I hate diets. In fact, I don’t believe in them at all.

I think diets turn “being healthy” into something to be feared. They make taking care of our health into this awful, tedious thing, when actually it’s the most important, gracious, loving thing we can do for ourselves.

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So I’m not going to try to convince you to try some outrageous new diet. (Thank goodness, am I right?)

A diet won’t make you healthy, anyway. It might help you drop a few pounds in the short term, but dieting isn’t a long-term strategy for becoming the most alive, confident, vibrant version of you. I speak from experience.

There’s a better way, and I’m here to tell you about it.

I believe you can become healthy + vibrant by simply becoming aware of what you put into your body...instead of struggling through diet after diet.

The truth is you do need to switch up what you’re putting into your body (so diets have that part right), but you have to do it in a way that won’t shock your body.

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What if you didn’t have to deprive yourself to get ridiculously healthy, glowing & radiant?

What if you could fuel your body with only nutritious, wonderfully good-for-you foods that taste amazing...for just a short period of time...and forever change your approach to health?

Oh, but you can. Say hello to the Simply Vibrant Cleanse: A 21-Day Whole Food Cleanse for Happiness, Radiance + a Wildly Healthier You

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Here’s the deal: If you want to feel head-to-toe fabulous, you have to stop loading your body up with harmful foods, chemicals + toxins.

Now, if you’ve been in the health scene a minute, you’re probably familiar with fasting-based detox programs. You know, the kind that want you to cut out everything but juices or water or concoct some strange mixture of cayenne pepper and lemon juice (oh yeah, I went there!)

Not only are these fasts harsh on the body (and sometimes, downright dangerous), they also don’t actually help you become any healthier.

Here’s how it goes down: First, you can’t even get through your 10, 14 or 30 day detox because you’re ravenous the whole time. And then, you go right back to gorging on pizzas (extra cheese, please) and fast food and processed snacks ...cause trying to exist on juice + water can make you crave the bad stuff even more. Fasts like that don’t really teach you about healthy eating – and they definitely don’t help you shake your bad health habits...which is the whole point of a high-quality detox.

Worst of all, you often walk away feeling like a failure. (And like you could have totally spent that chunk o’ change on much more important things, like an afternoon at Nordstrom’s, or that deluxe massage…heck, even vegging out on the couch catching up on Game of Thrones or Scandal would have been a better use of energy!)

I want to show you how to detox the right (read: healthy) way.

Enter, the Simply Vibrant Cleanse.

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The Simply Vibrant Detox is a gentle, easy, at-home detox you can do yourself, without starving yourself. It’s a proven, simple program that acts a catalyst to rejuvenate your body from the inside out, revolutionize the way you think about food and (gently) kickstart a new, healthier lifestyle.

How It Works:

What makes this different than other detoxes? Well, The Simply Vibrant Detox is a whole foods detox, meaning you eat actual foods (fruits + veggies) in addition to a nutritious broth - not just water or juice.

Every single cleanse recipe is made up of easy-to-find ingredients you can grab at any grocery store or roadside market, no matter where you are on the globe. This means anyone, anywhere on the planet can participate. (I’ve had detoxers join me everywhere from Trinidad and Tobago to the Philippines and back again.)

Basically? The Simply Vibrant Cleanse is that “Reset” button you’ve been looking for. It’s an easy-yet-structured way to get back to enjoying natural, whole foods - and their many benefits.

And the more you load your body up with healthy foods, the more your body begins to crave them.

So instead of doing a “fast detox” and feeling ravenous, miserable and tired all the time – which is an approach that by the way doesn't even work because your body goes into starvation mode and actually burns fewer calories – The Simply Vibrant Detox teaches you how to make bite-sized tweaks to your diet over a period of three weeks.

Why is 21 days the magic number? Well, I’m not going to ask you to dramatically re-wire your diet in one day - that’s like setting you up for failure and no different than other fasts, Simply Vibrant is made up of three, distinct phases so that the entire process is extra kind on your bod. We’ll begin with a 7-day Pre-Tox phase to get our bodies nice and prepared, move into a 7-day Detox phase where we’ll fill ‘em up with nutritious, delicious foods from a pre-approved list of whole foods + broth, and finally we’ll wrap it all up with a 7-day Re-Tox phase, gently re-introducing additional foods into our diet for a smooth + seamless transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Read: No freakouts. No shocks to your body. And no desperately trying to hide your grumbling tummy at the office.

And the payoff, my friend is like nothing else.

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  • You are looking for a quick-fix for weight loss. You might lose weight as some of my clients have experienced however this is not our main goal. The objective is to become healthy and vibrant.
  • You are unable to make a commitment for 21 days. The Simply Vibrant Detox Program has 3 phases (PreTox, Detox and ReTox).
  • You are unwilling to make the effort to create the delicious meals in the “Health Starts In Your Kitchen” manual. Gourmet chef skills not required but some time (not too much) will have to be spent in the kitchen.
  • Your doctor has told you that changes NEED to be made to your diet
  • You are feeling fatigued, rundown and bloated and know there is a better way for your body to feel.
  • You had enjoyed a little overeating (maybe a little more than a little) over the holidays and you would like to get your body in a healthier state
  • You have been experiencing serious cravings around caffeine, sugar, salt and gluten and would like to work on overcoming the cravings in a gentle way.
  • You are looking for a way to get healthy without feeling deprived. (No deprivation on this plan, we don’t believe in deprivation to get healthy)
  • You workout regularly and have realized that out-training a bad diet does not work.

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  • A killer, super-strong immune system (No more picking up every bug the kids bring home? Yes, please!)
  • Diamond-sharp mental focus (So you can totally knock out that next work assignment...hello, potential promotion)
  • Searing-high energy levels to do all the activities you really want to do
  • Clear, lustrous skin and gorgeous, shiny hair (It’s shocking how much of an impact what you put into your body has on the way it looks outside)
  • Incredibly high-quality sleep, night after night
  • A more balanced (and flatter) belly with less bloating + better digestion
  • An easy-does-it transition into a healthier lifestyle that sticks

When you gift your body with the nutrition it truly craves? You become more passionate, + vibrant, you feel (and look) down right effervescent and, best of all, you can ditch the extreme dieting forever.

All that stands between you and incredible health is three glorious, game (and life) changing weeks. (And lots of body nourishing, wholesome + delicious fruits + veggies!)

Here’s just a peek at the amazing goodness you’ll learn from the Simply Vibrant Detox…

All about the Toxic 5 - aka the pesky (yet oh-so-seductive) foods you have to avoid if you want to become your most luminous + vibrant self

  • Expert tips-n-tricks for staying inspired + motivated throughout the detox
  • How to kick the caffeine habit once and for all … without the splitting headaches and other hard-to-stomach withdrawal symptoms (pun intended)
  • The simple, no-fuss way to curb cravings for not-so-awesome foods
  • How to exercise while detoxing (without cutting into your jam-packed schedule or practically camping out at the gym)...and why it’ll make your detox a billion times more effective than doing nothing
  • The secret “sauce” (okay, broth) that makes all the difference between success and failure

I do this cleanse once every 4 months 'cause truth is everybody (even health & lifestyle coaches) need to reprogram every once in awhile.

In fact, no matter how “healthy” someone is, almost all of us have issues with weakness, fatigue and weight gain from time to time, especially if we don’t take time to recalibrate (read: detox). These annoying problems don’t just go away either...they actually keep getting worse if left unchecked.

Seriously, consistent fatigue and weariness are two of the most common health complaints for men and women….and they’re often accompanied by their BFF, weight gain.

So if you’re feeling sluggish, tired or just plain over life right now...chances are your body is actually craving a detox. It wants its balance back. It’s time to break the cycle, together.

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Simply Vibrant Cleanse - Deluxe

Everything you could ever possibly need to make this detox the one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. Get healthy fast!

  • The Pre-Tox Workshop - Got questions? No worries - we’ll jam on a fun conference call during the pre-tox week where I’ll dish on exactly what to expect during the next 21 days and you can get those burning pre-tox questions answered live
  • The Simply Vibrant Detox Manual (pdf) - This comprehensive funbook will become your new best friend. It’s chock full of everything you could ever possibly want to know about detoxing - like 411 on the amazing benefits, what changes to watch out for in your body along the way and of course, red hot tips on everything from quitting caffeine to modifying your exercise routine so you can squeeze every last bit of awesome out of this program
  • The "Your Health Starts in the Kitchen" Recipe Book (pdf) - This gorgeously-designed book is brimming with over 30 delicious easy-to-prepare recipes that don’t require a full day’s work in the kitchen (promise)
  • The Simply Vibrant Detox Sample Menu (pdf) - I’ve put together a master list of simple meals all made with delectable, detox-approved foods to make cooking during the detox a total breeze
  • The "Your Health Starts in Your Kitchen" Grocery List (pdf) - Use this handy, done-for-you grocery list to load up on all the detox essentials. Just print & go!
  • The Keep-You-Accountable Personalized Funsheets (pdf) (Think: a goals funsheet, a physical and well-being funsheet & an attitude meter funsheet all designed to measure your progress and decode the important messages your body’s sending during the ‘’tox)
  • Exclusive Facebook Hangout - Get to know your fellow detoxers. Mix, mingle, swap stories (and/or yummy recipes) and find a (virtual) shoulder to lean on 24/7 inside our top-secret hangout. I’ll also be popping in on the regular to answer any questions, share insights my own detox journey & make sure you feel wholly, fully supported on this wondrous journey to exceptional health

Once purchased you gain Lifetime Membership. You will get FREE updates and access to subsequent Live Group Simply Vibrant Cleanse Programs.

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3 Weeks

Here’s the week-by-week breakdown:

Week 1


We’ll kick off our three weeks of health by slowly weaning ourselves off The Toxic 5.

Week 2


Next, it’s detox time. Just follow my easy, simple detox recipes to get glowing from the inside out.

Week 3


During the final week, we’ll safely + gradually re-introduce foods into your regular diet - this time with crystal clear awareness of what makes you feel fabulous + what, well, doesn’t.

I'm In!

Finally a special note for you.

If deep down you know you want to do this but are hesitant to push “Buy” because of time or money, I get it. But as Tony Robbins famously teaches, the only way to live a fulfilled life is to do the things that we deem important, but not urgent. The things that don’t have a deadline - like hanging with friends and family, or taking care of our health. A detox would easily fall into that category. Sure, it’s not something you “have” to do, but once you do? You’ll be amazed at how much not only healthier, but happier you feel, too. And when you’re happy and healthy? Your whole life improves. Talk about fulfillment!

Don’t Adore the Simply Vibrant Detox? My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to feel confident in your investment. If you do all the work, stick wholeheartedly to the plan & are not head-over-heels, absolutely-obsessed with your results, I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. Basically, you either become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself in 21 days or you get your money back. Super simple.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing (except for all those nasty toxins, of course!).

To becoming simply vibrant,


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You’ve got questions - I’ve got answers (you’ll love).

  1. Is Simply Vibrant a fast or a diet? It’s not either. It’s a whole food cleanse that removes toxins from the body + helps jumpstart a healthy lifestyle so you can start becoming the best, most radiant version of you.
  2. Is this detox for men and women?
    Both men and women can participate - the detox knows no gender.
  3. Will the detox disrupt my work/life schedule?
    Not at all! Actually, most people experience an indescribable boost of energy during the detox phase that actually makes them more productive.
  4. Do I have to purchase special foods?
    Nope. The Simply Vibrant Detox is just a healthy diet made up of regular fruits, vegetables, whole grains and a special broth that I’ll teach you how to make. All the fruits + veggies can be purchased at your local grocery store. And of course, you have the option to pick-n-choose the foods that appeal to you. This is your detox.
  5. I am vegan or gluten-free - will this detox work for me?
    Yes! This diet is designed to work for everyone, regardless of any special dietary needs.
  6. 21 days sounds like a long time to cleanse! Is the actual detox 21 days?
    The The Simply Vibrant Detox is actually made up of 3 stages, and only 7 days are the actual detox phase. There’s a 7-day Pre-Tox phase to wean yourself off the most toxic items in your diet, followed by a 7-day Detox phase where you’ll eat only from specially-curated Simply Vibrant Recipes, and finally, we’ll wrap up with a 7-day Re-Tox phase to safely re-introduce healthy foods to your diet. Easy, peasy.
  7. What if I’m already in the Smooth Movement? Do I really need to do this, too?
    Perfect! The Smooth Movement is a wonderful foundation for this detox, which I believe could be just the extra kick you need to propel your health to the next level. Your amazing smoothie skills will come in handy in this course, too, as there are several amazingly healthy (and tasty) smoothie recipes included.

  8. I'm ready to do the cleanse!